dMv (daemonv) wrote,

If it ain't broke

On a whim today, I got a flu shot. I don't know when I last did so. But I happened to walk over to the CMU Staff Benefits fair (did I mention CMU Benefits kick ass?), and there wasn't much of a line, and it didn't cost anything. So now my left arm is sore.

The rest of me is sore because of the finals tonight. We were playing for the #3 position, against a team that has beaten us badly in each previous encounter. It was about 38 degrees, with drizzle and wind. The ground was sludge, to the extent that they rotated the layout of the field about 60 degrees, to minimize exposure to one particularly bad quickmud sector. We won, 12-11, after a long long game. I watched the first 13 points of the real finals, until I froze up (and appreciated how fast the heater in my car worked). They were rather impressive.

Now I'm home with the dog and getting back to work. The work I was supposed to discuss with seth today (reason I was on campus) -- who came by and left for (the day? the week?) while I was getting needled. Score.

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