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Recap procrastinate

My friend Dave came to town.

He arrived around 6pm on Friday. Ended up with dinner at Union Grill, then exposing him to a couple of episodes of Lain, and GTA3 (still resisting on Vice City). The next morning we got in the car and drove to Mechanicsburg, where one of his grandmothers and aunt live. They fed us, and we continued on into The City. With traffic in the Holland Tunnel, we ended up getting to the theater about 10 minutes before it started.

Our target, Dhira, was performing (in several roles, a la Peter Sellers) in an experimental play adaptation of the Mouse that Roared. It was only open for 3 days, in a small theater in the midst of Manhattan. She didn't know we were coming, and apparently didn't notice us in the audience until the last scene -- and rejected it, because she knows Dave lives in Portland Oregon. Got a great photo of her walking out of the backstage area, seeing the camera, seeing us, etc.

We hung out with her for a while, then Dave and I retreated to Brooklyn where we stayed with her brother. The next morning, after listening to his latest demo from his latest band, we returned to Manhattan so that Dave could visit his other grandmother. In a classic case of forgetfulness (mixed with time crunches and traffic), the "out of gas" light kicked on. Where the heck do you get gas in Manhattan, a place where the short buildings are still at least 8 stories tall? In the process of looking, driving down the street where I had dropped off Dave... a random street in NYC... there was a significant slowdown. And there were police in the street, screaming fans on one side, and a red carpet with movie stars walking down it on the other. Oh. The Harry Potter world premier. Riiiiight. Just where I want to run out of gas.

Ended up making it across a bridge, and filling up... 15.743 Gallons. I had to look up the fueltank capacity in the manual (15.9) because that was more than I remembered it could have. Eventually picked up Dave, and went to the restaurant that Dhira works at. Highly recommended if ever in NYC. Or worked at, because she's leaving NYC next monday, off to France for a couple of weeks and then who knows what.

After dinner, we hopped into the car and drove back to Pittsburgh. Dave liked the WRX. Gave him a new set of driving experiences... we "played" with another one on the highway in NJ, weaving back and forth through traffic... because we could. Arrived at Krispy Kreme/Cranberry at 1am.

corvisdog was happy to see us, and wouldn't leave my side for quite some time.

Next day was relaxing, dropping him off at the airport at 6pm. I tried, and failed miserably, to do the CompBio problem set and proposal rewrite that was due this morning. Ended up being irrelevant that I woke up at 6am to finish the assignment, because I brought the car in for warrantee maintainance (put a lot of miles on this car this weekend and recently) where I thought I could be in and out by 9... and didn't get done until 11. :( But now we are up to the present, so who cares.

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