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December 1st, 2002

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03:37 pm - Transmission
I'll update later about the great time I had for Thanksgiving. For now, the latest:

Disadvantage of having an exotic late year performance car

Had smelled something bad toward the end of the big drive, so I swore I would check the fluids before we departed on the 700 mile return; did so this morning. The WRX was low on Manual Transmission Fluid. Damn. Quoth the guy at AutoZone: "Even if I knew what you needed, I probably wouldn't have it; even if I had it, I probably wouldn't sell it to you". Apparently, despite it being the hot tuner car of the moment, Subaru isn't releasing any of the information about stuff like the fluid. My manual just tells me to only use the same stuff as is in there; it was the guy's bet (backed by $$) that it is some crazy synthetic. And if I put the wrong stuff in there, Bad Stuff. And, probably, if I drove it too much without enough, more Bad Stuff.

So, I'm at Dartmouth, doing work. There is a dealership about a mile from my parents' place, and they'll be open tomorrow morning. Ugh. The code I've been working on for work may be important for the latest Paper (Thursday deadline). Have a problem set I'm almost finished with, due Tuesday. Have a final project paper, and presentation, on Thursday.

And corvisdog is no longer barking at my Dad.

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Date:December 1st, 2002 02:16 pm (UTC)
Ok. I've said that twice. First time, I was sick, and in the process of disappointing you, I also disappointed reticello, bucy, effjay, and our horde of fans at Pumpcon. This second time, I skipped you, at the same point disappointing my grandparents, and several others listed above, all of whom I told I was going to visit. I certainly could come up with a better excuse than my transmission fluid if I just wanted to skip you -- I would certainly prefer to be going back to Pittsburgh tonight, because I've got a hellish schedule next week that gets worse the longer I'm away. seth is going to kick my ass for leaving.

So right, it doesn't mean anything if I say I'm going to visit Philly until I'm there. At least you are in good company when I disappoint you. This conversation is certainly not making me lean more towards detouring on the way back tomorrow. You only half-heartedly seemed like you wanted me to come anyway, but I guess you prefer to give me shit about it

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