dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Final Trick

Classic dmv final this morning: I arrive 15 minutes late. As I walk in, my professor is going out to the hall for a moment, and cautions me that I'll need the full 3 hours. I pick up the test. I hand in the test around 10am, 20 seconds after the first person to hand it in (I spent quite a bit of time anxiously repaging through it to make sure I hadn't missed anything -- none of the grad students or post docs were done yet, and waited for someone else to be done as well). I think I knew most of the material. I got up at 5:30am to finally start studying (found a lot of distractions last night before I forced myself to bed at 12). Wish I had known that trick as an undergrad, although getting up early is not easier with corvisdog, who protests not sleeping in.

Anyone familiar with a windows laptop total-replication package? Seth has decided he doesn't like having the laptop be his primary machine, but he needs the ability for it to resync and become so (I believe he means settings and programs, not just his plain files). Naturally, I'm the goto for finding one.

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