dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Just registered the new batch of machines. blackmamba, habu, rattle were my name selections.

Diving went well. 70ft, 35mins, around a rock home to dozens of sealions -- mostly MIA on land and in water. Not that I needed more sealion swimming (waiting for ommkarja writeup).

My uncle told me, on arrival, that he had Gibson's latest novel, and would lend it to me when he finished it. Today he handed it to me -- I expected it to be All Tomorrow's Parties, which I've already read. No. He handed me the uncorrected proof of Gibson's latest novel... to be published Feb 2003. It is copyright 2003. It is set now -- ie, just post-Sept11. From the first chapter (immediately devoured) it looks good. Gibson has of late been a very brilliant essayist on modern culture. This is just him showing off (introduces characters with "Googling character name will reveal that she is....". I'll report tomorrow when I finish it.

Umm... Is something going on tomorrow? All the dive shops are going to be closed. Hmmmm.

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