dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Sailed like ghosts in the deep

The new Gibson novel ("Pattern Recognition") is good. I'll write up more of a review when I get back and can do proper referencing of material. I, of course, finished it well within 24 hours of acquisition.

Wednesday none of the dive shops were open. Played flag football on the beach, then we went ATVing. I've never been much of a fan of them, but these were dedicated dunes... and it ended up being pretty cool. Clutchless shifting that I would like to look of the mechanism for... high speeds, powerslides in sand, better horse-riding analog than motorcycles.

Today went back to diving. Two dives today. The second, we went back to the place we went the day before, but this time there were a couple of sealions. My god. This wasn't a real priority for me, cause of our incredible snorkelling excursion of the week before (ommkarja, can you fork your excellent writeups into public sanitized format?). But where they had been fun to play with there, here they were just majestic. In a canyon, in heavy surge, and from the murk, a graceful 800lbs of mammal would swoop down, bolt around, and soar off. Like flying. Like they were experiencing a completely different physics. They looked and moved like ghosts in the deep.

I fly home tomorrow. Back to cold... and, and, and... corvisdog!

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