dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Life stabilizes quickly.
NYE party was good fun. Interesting crowd. Took perhaps my third cab ride (without family, not heading to airport) in the city of Boston, home. The suit worked out well.

The bedroom I was in had solid coverings over the windows. I had not realized how sensitive I am to patterns of sun: I slept til 2pm! (bed by 4am). Went for a walk around Jamaica Pond with my aunt and uncle... forgot how in JP, a walk in the neighborhood inevitably means running into lots of people. Like my old pediatrician. Then I went to the Museum of Science with effjay and karmen. After seeing the new Egypt exhibit, and giving a crash tour of a museum I know way too well, we headed to Chinatown. sand met up with us, and we had a lovely dinner. sand and I ended up renting a dvd and he showed off the excellent work he had put into his apartment. Took my fourth boston cab ride to get back to JP. Cabs are, I noticed, more inclined to stop for you when wearing a suit.

Flew back the next day and played with the dog. Friday, seth bribed the scs installation guy to get at least one server up that day (we were told it would be done wednesday... seth said something to them via phone... and promised a case of beer per machine online that day... and a machine came online REAL SOON). Friday night went to Spice Island and "Catch Me If You Can" -- not bad.

The weekend was mostly spent with the dog. He missed me. Rented "The Hustler" last night... I had forgotten just how brilliantly done that movie was. Wow.
Overall, I was gone for a while, and then I was back, and there seemed little displacement in any of it.

And, over a mailing list today, a friendly bit of advice I hadn't given much thought to.

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