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Prof me

So playing with the notion of graduate school, it occurs to me that its implied. Why is graduate school so important?

One is that it sounds like a blast for those of us so wired (everyone I know?). I mean, total submersion into a field, and you float out an expert. All the interesting stuff is there, etc.

Many make reference to professorship desires. Is this is dream? The motives seem less clear. Once endowed with a PhD you have various options, most on the high-end. Do we all strive to be professors because those are the role models?

Or is it just about the quality of (industry) work? A PhD almost seems a liability in the CS world (especially theory). In Chemistry, certainly, graduate school makes sense: A B.S. qualifies you for classware cleaning and automatable analytic/synthetic work, and you are competing against high school diplomas with strong personal references. Or management, apparently.

Or one guy said yesterday that a PhD allows you to just sit around and think all day, and humanity can't say shit against you, cause you are an expert. Maybe true.

I'd like competancy. That's what I decided today, sitting in the Computational Molecular Symposium (maybe I'll write up more about that later). I'd like to feel like I actually knew a good deal about something. Maybe its just a response to my lack of specialization, but I have a fair comprehension ability about a great deal of things, but nothing that I can really say I know and care about this field. I know no one ever really feels satisfied in this way... but I'd like to be deluded. I can't even remember that phase in highschool where I knew everything.

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