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Spent the weekend in the rain. Professor Staley has a "fireside chat" each year - he lives about an hour outside of Pittsburgh in a lovely home in the "mountains". He invites majors out, feeds them lots of great waffles, and then coerces them into a long hike in his "backyard". With the intense rain... we just ended up stuffed and lazy in front of the fire.

Otherwise, a lazy weekend. GameCube is a pretty platform.

Out of the blue, Seth offered me a summer job this morning. When class was supposed to start but we were the only ones there. Compiler writing... which is odd for so many reasons. I suspect it was chronic exposure to smart folks like trurl. Its somewhat nano related, and I'd suspect this role would change quickly (especially when he remembers I have a chem degree). And when I reminded him I was graduating, he realized he couldn't just hire me as a student. "Yeah, I wouldn't have a problem hiring you as an employee". WTF?

So this was presumed to be available, but its odd to have it out there. He wanted to know when I would know, so ... I said three weeks, which is about when I'll hear from NYCTF, and as I return from San Diego. Shit will be hitting the fan anyway.

Any and all advice welcome. Kind of compelling is the prospect of just a summer thing with the potential to grow. Cause I do have an apartment in PGH until July 30 regardless of what, where, and when I choose to do.

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