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January 26th, 2003

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02:18 am - A Day in the Life...
Last night I bought a new hat (purple) and two pairs of gloves. Two weeks ago, I also bought a hat, but that failed to last more than 4 days. We'll see about this one. I got a pair of "Windstopping" gloves, and some big ice-climbing style gloves. They compliment my existing pair, which are becoming designated driving gloves -- US Air Force fighter pilot gloves... very good for handling. The windowstoppers are for the quick walks around the block.

Today's activities, in chronological order: woke up, bought a used filing cabinet (finally), bought a door mat to save the wood floors (finally), has a long (2+ hour) phone conversation with mdakin (finally). Went for a 2 hour walk in Frick park with the dog (ended up about a mile in as the sunset... dow!). The bigger pair of gloves is for things like that, and earned their keep. Went to dinner with leko and bucy... none of us are in great shape. Attempts at pool at D&B thwarted... I spent some money at B&N and went home.

Starting formal planning of the european invasion.

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