dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Blogistan and the changing Web

Man, I remember when I first compiled and fired up lynx around 1993. The web was a sparse, interesting place then (though gopher still dominated).

I just subscribed to salon. I've held off -- the ridicule was interesting, and I didn't read it frequently. Today, when I went to get my premium day pass for the third or so straight day... I realized it was time. I guess it is something like the teasers, and the lj syndicated feed. I dunno. I gave a heck of a lot more to the local npr for similar reasons.

The whole blogging thing is interesting. I don't tell stories, not yet, and that seems the real gold. The opportunity for Ranting (lj user="ommkarja"> read this) seems to be the draw for many. Some, it is the need to be closer to meme propagation (like this). Or maybe it gives one a more bidirectional feel -- I can read what's new with williamgibson (William Gibson) or officialgaiman (Neil Gaiman) -- and they could read me. It started as a communications tool, for me. It is that, but more now. Personally selected Central clearinghouses for the decentral. Eventually, it (or something like it) will be most things for me, and the web will have contracted like Jupiter Research used to predict -- contract because of the content explosion. And I won't be better for it.

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