dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Looking through a Glass Onion

I have an abusive relationship with optical correction.

My family is near-sighted: both my parents have had glasses indefinately. I believe I got my first pair of glasses when I was six. Given my natural aptitude for retaining possession, when I decided I didn't want them... they disappeared. I don't think I wore glasses until eighth grade.

And at that point, I took to them. I realized that glasses probably fit my personality better than not. And given my general level of thoughtfulness, contacts seemed both vain and a really bad idea. So I embraced glasses, and have worn them from rise to sleep since.

Some will recall this episode -- because the evidence is on my face every day. The "quick hack" has lasted more than half a year. As is evident in photographs,
the glasses don't sit well on my face anyway.

They were a pair that my mother gave me. She had decided to get a really nice pair of glasses when my father was going for Lasik surgery -- which she ended up getting at the same time. So she gave me a nice pair of Armani glasses. And good timing, at that, because I had just slept in/on my previous pair for the last time. But these are small on me.

Where am I going with this? I just splurged on a new pair of glasses. Finally. When my mother was here this weekend, she made me go and set an eye examination. Mind you, I have no problem with new glasses -- it just is one of those "healthcare" things I tend to ignore until I can't. As she put it, if corvisdog needed glasses, I'd have a canine specialist see him within a week -- and as I'm her kid, it is her responsibility to nag for such things.

So I went to the highend glasses shop, and had a very pleasant appointment. My eyes have degraded substantially from my previous prescription. Not suprising, really, considering that I can not remember when that was, but my glasses were already weak when I had the new frames fitted with the old prescripton -- and that was about 2 years ago. Years filled with CMU, all night coding sessions, labs, lab reports, etc. My current glasses are not 20/20 anymore -- I've just learned to adapt.

By going to the highend glasses shop, I eased the pain of picking out glasses. They are very good at helping one shop -- particularly someone who doesn't ask prices or give ranges. I almost went radical with a set of trendy thick plastic frames that worked. I finally narrowed to a pair of detailed titanium/wood handled frames, which I rejected when I learned they were $900, and the pair I went with.

They are... neat. The only criteria I gave was that I needed a robust pair of glasses, considering my history of abuse. I have consistently mained my glasses -- and kept them, twisted and probably detrimental to my vision, until forced otherwise. Scratched the finest scratch-resistent lenses they make. Showered, slept, swam in them. My present pair is now green from the corroded copper.

So I ended up with the most minimalistic and surreal glasses I could imagine (short of Morpheus' shades). They are, essentially, two lenses (the thinnest they make) and three small wires of beta titanium. Stretch em, twist em, no big deal. You fold them into their case. Aside from the lense, they have the equivallent weight of about three paperclips. Very very very odd on ones' experienced glasses face. And very comfortable.

So I bought em. Fortunately, they took my vision insurance plan, which knocked over $200 off the price (I'm sure they love that -- I pay no premium). I'll let my parents pay for some of the rest of it (my dad did step on and break my glasses, and they've paid for my sister's contacts while paying nothing for my glasses in college). And I'll hope that this pair lasts a while. I'm looking forward to 20:15!

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