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Even if it is attached well

I must be tired. And when I get tired, I start losing things. Tonight's thing was my keys.

The computer club showed Brazil. I brought my PS2, because they thought they would need it. When I arrived, the DVD situation had been resolved with a laptop. Being unnecessary, and getting briefly overwhelmed by that crowd, I went and hid in my office til the movie started. Or planned to, and got distracted -- and then bucy arrived and we went to F&F. He drove.

At Fuel and Fuddle (live music night), I managed to get the cute waitress to talk me into taking my wings in their "Habanero" sauce. She cautioned, in the flirty "can you handle it" manner they are so good at, they were really hot. To their credit, it was a non-trivial kick, but I was driven. The snow suddenly picked up, and I think about 1/2" dropped in less than 30 minutes -- very pretty, because the 20+ mph winds kept up.

Bucy dropped me off at Wean, so I could get my PS2 from my office and take my car home. That was the theory, anyway. Upon arriving to my office, I discovered I did not have my keys.

Ok, background: I frequently throw my keys onto my desk when entering my office, rather than reattaching the carabiner to my pants or putting them in my pockets. This has resulted in occasional lockouts. As a result of one of the lockouts, I have an extra key to my office key in my desk. Also in my desk, I have a spare car key. I do not have a house key or a garage key. To function on a daily basis, I need keys to my house, car, office. Nice, but non-essential to support life functions, are keys to my garage and the robotics club, as well as a remote for my car (security/remote entry).

To review the case: Keys last known location was my hand as I entered my office. Had been to the office, wean elevator, john's car, bit of oakland, fuel & fuddle. Keys would have been in either my pants or my fleece. Fleece was removed at F&F (hot, and hot food). Fleece was replaced as an afterthought in the snow blitz outside restaurant (my mouth was feeling no cold).

The next step was to call campus police, and watch the second half of Brazil. I liked the editing/ending (there are several different versions with different endings) on this disc. Security arrived about 80 minutes after I called, and let me in. My keys were not on my desk. I looked up the number for F&F, and, through a very difficult phone conversation (live music night) was told there had been no keys found. They recommended calling back around 2am when they do cleanup.

So: it is around 12am now. I now have a key to my office, and a key to my car. I don't want to lose my keys. And I'd rather not have to get bucy to let me in to my house, although I have spare car remote and house/garage keys. There is also the matter of disabling my car alarm (subject of a different message for archival purposes). I don't want to have lost my keys. And my puppy needs me.

Disable alarm, drive to fuel and fuddle anyway -- and the friendly hostess hands me my keys. Yay! But maybe it is residual panic, along with yesterday's sleep-cycle detour (left wean around 5:30am) but I'm still awake now mindlessly journalling, surfing, etc. I'll go lie down now and let sleep take me. As you all have probably noticed, I've started writing stories instead of cryptic summations. Should I lj-cut?

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