dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Feeding the Engines of Democracy

Arrived late to work today, because I went Downtown. I had to file and fill out an emergency absentee ballot, because I had failed to recognize that if I arrive into PIT at 9:05 on Tuesday, I would not be able to take part in the special election.

The special election is being held for District 7, because the previously elected city council member got promoted in the standard election. I intended to vote, but didn't care all that much; but the past week it became a bit more relevant. There were a flurry of messages about this on the frisbee pickup list... and I felt it was worth sending a letter. But I, and highland park (the place the proposal directly affects) have no representation. So I became interested in who would like my vote... and as a result, realized I had to vote.

The candidate I selected had messages forwarded to the mailing list in strong support -- he clearly "gets it" about attracting and retaining people like me. So he got my vote this morning... at the same time that coucil met. Rather than delay until there was representation, they voted to approve the measure. I consider this a good thing.

The County Board of Elections is... out of time. Papers everywhere, old ladies sitting around a table chatting over milk, paper everywhere. Its a slower pace of life, and almost exactly not what one things when they hear about the latest in election technology. These are not people overwhelmed with ambition for their beliefs. I don't think they get overwhelmed. It was interesting. The County Office Building is not as nice as the neighboring City County Building, which is not as nice as the City or Federal Buildings. It feels very 1950s.

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