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Exercise in Domes

I just realized I didn't update about my party (or the radio show). I'll do so, ommkarja style:

bucy arrived about 8 minutes before we were live, straight out of a meeting. He promptly printed out the AP feed, and read it straight for 12 minutes. He does the news on WRCT some days anyway, so this worked. Then we cut to generic techno, and figured out what the show was about. The show, once we got going, went pretty well. We were mostly coherent, gave off the impression of "organization" and "preproduction", even according to a non-associated station person listening.

This week will be better.

I have great friends. Having a party is great fun. And ommkarja completely kicked ass (she's too good for me), coming through by picking the excellent beer, wine, then spending her whole Friday acquiring foodstuffs, cake, and cleaning up.

Participants included: [Bad username: <lj user=], maryneedssleep, toddl, baddfaerie, ctl, pericles42, catwood, jhurst, bkirby, denorae, lange, yaron, isildur, rbraun, girishv and I'm sure I'm missing people...

Other notable contributions to the fun included maryneedssleep's Magic Mead and fws making two fresh cheesecakes.

Saturday it hit a high around 55. ommkarja and I took corvisdog to Misty Pines. ommkarja's description:

Yesterday was too warm not to go outside, so we went to this somewhat over-exclusive feeling dog park in Wexford to let the dog run around and get nice and muddy (wonder why the dog is absolutely banned from my car?).

It was good fun, and let him play with some real Agility equipment. I definately think he'll be excellent at it, and have him signed up for a beginner lesson later this month.

Sunday it was cold and snowy again.

Sunday, as ommkarja stumbled out of her bedroom, corvisdog and I returned home. Our mission (unadvertised): fresh bagels and the Sunday Times. It has gotten substantially more expensive than I remembered it being. Found good bagels on Ellsworth! Some interesting stuff for a later post.

This morning, as ommkarja changed for her first day of work, corvisdog and I succeeded in another acquisition mission -- coffee and croissant.

This domestic "breakfast over the morning newspaper" is weird stuff.

Late night movie watching is more fun with company. Even if the movie in question (last night, The Art of War) is not so good.

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