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It's an illusion...

I've been meaning to start doing polls, cause everyone else is doing them and they seem like a fun forum.

Also, this is pretty neat. I had to break out the gimp. And judging from friends' reactions, it is not just non-obvious because of the LCD.

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

By live, I assume "had as an indefinate residence", so we exclude the places I've lived on the order of weeks or months. I've lived in three places in Boston, and three places in Pittsburgh. Although that last one is fuzzy: does a dorm count? I lived in one place for four semesters, but in between I spent a summer in a different dorm. It was about as indefinate as any dorm -- I knew when I was leaving, and did not have much control over lifestyle (including being kicked out for vacations). On that strain, there is also the two semesters I "lived" in a dorm that I spent collectively less than 10 hours in.

2. Which was your favorite and why?

I loved the waterfall and caves in Rio.

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?

It is just about the most awful regular experience I've had.

4. What's more important, location or price?

What's more important, blue or red? It depends on the context. I got a nice but inconvenient location at a good price. I'd be willing to spend more for a good location. But quality of place and life is the highest priority. The absolute location and pricetag are generally irrelevant within reason (ie, no suburbia, and no more than 30-50% gross income)

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?

Appropriate dog land.

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