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April 7th, 2003

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09:07 pm - Snow
It did not snow in Pittsburgh today.

However, it did in several other places, including Boston. I am overly fond of saying "my sister was born in a snowstorm" regarding the length of winter in {Feb, Mar}. Today is her 21st birthday. How fitting to see the snow back.

Happy Birthday, vermonster!

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Date:April 8th, 2003 01:20 pm (UTC)
THANKS BRO!!!!!!!! i appreciate the shout out. i partied like a rock star, drank like a champ... and then threw up all over the bar. and it's all justin's fault. after lord knows how many drinks and shots i'd already taken, he bought me a "bloody brain" which is curdled baileys in vodka with grenadine... hands down the most disgusting thing known to man. so yeah, i puked all over the table and then on some dude's coat. sadly, that is the one of the few things i remember from the night and i really was hoping i wouldn't. we also stole a sam adams sign, cause i'm boston like that.

and it was snowing in minnesota, obviously.

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