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Bounce back...

After a not so cool day yesterday (mostly because it was a banner bad day for ommkarja), today is going a bit better. Set my alarm for 6:20am (HA!), finally got up around 8am, and then I cleaned. For about two hours. Made a dent. I forgot how relaxing sweeping can be. Then on the way into work, decided to pick up a cute slavic blonde waiting for a bus and take her to campus.

Wait, that came out poorly. Rather: there is a girl who I had a class with in Fall semester of my Freshman year. She's still around, lives in East Liberty, works on campus for SDS. I've run into her occasionally, on-campus, on the bus, at 61c. Anyway, she was waiting for a bus, running late, and so I gave her an unsolicited lift. Can I help that I get a kick out of the accent and precise language use and diction from Russian women? Had an amusing discussion about the Cricket Lounge.

Made the drive into work less monotonous, more interesting. Having guests for dinner tonight. Still haven't figured out the menu, but I'm leaning toward a new Fusion Remix of my Pad Thai, and maybe pie if I have time.

I think the combination of hacking code at multiple layers (I'm postprocession output of code I'm writing in the code generation section of the compiler) and then playing Frequency when I get home (arrived on Monday) is responsible for the killer headaches I've had all week. Managed not to play any Frequency last night, avoided headache. Watched The Adventures of Baron Muchausen instead.

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