dMv (daemonv) wrote,

At least I was useful

Well, its late. Or early. I've just spent the evening helping the present co-presidents of the robotics club work on their business plan. Its really nice working with dedicated individuals. They may not know how to do all this, but they are smart enough and work hard enough that it may just be enough to compensate. Certainly, their robot works exceptionally. A compelling product sells itself and whatnot. Plus they've done their competitive matrix.

I was useful. It felt nice -- I acted as editor and sound board, having spent the past two years learning as much about this stuff as I could. Plus, I speak LaTeX. So now their proposal looks purdy and stuff.

ommkarja kept us company, looking adorable on the couch (awake and, naturally, asleep). Its a pity she ended up the whole night on the couch. Its a pity I don't really have a chance to go to bed, for fear of missing Electronic Nano (my motivational course this semester). And then I'll be helping Esther... so yeah. No sleepies for dmv. Tough shit.

Not like I need sleep or anything.

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