dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Neal Stephenson just walked past my Office...

And Other Consequences of a Post-Undergraduate All-Nighter.

I've slept less than 12 hours, collectively, since Saturday. With the acception of a 15 minute nap on my dog in the park this morning, I last woke up around Thursday, 8am. Most of this increased conscious time has been allocated toward the completion of my 03-700 (BioInformatics Practicum) project and presentation. That was at 10am this morning. Other distractions have included lange's wheel nut episode, Neal Stephenson giving a lecture on Leibniz' Metaphysicks, a couple of Faculty Candidate talks (SCS::CompBio hiring heavily this year) and ASIMO (Honda's Biped) is lurking here. Somewhere.

Dave S called last night at 4:30AM EST. Of course, I was awake and happy to talk to him, and it still amuses me that he can just call arbitrarily late at night and presume a positive hit. I've been working on the whole "frequent sleep" (this week excepted) thing. Honest.

I've done some truly elegant, and some truly unforgivable, acts in perl in the past week. I'll leave it at this: I now like perl references. You are tired when you make HTML print-debugging statements (from perl code) surrounded by *blink* tags so they keep your attention. You are tired when your code throughput slows because every other keystroke is a typo. Neal Stephenson just walked past my Office. No sleep for me, you goddamn clowns. Thai Fri. Total Information Awareness. These are my statements of power.

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