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You could save 15% or more...

Switching away from GEICO? Ah, fun. Despite claiming to be a shareholder (with a discount), I just discovered I could save about 25% off my rich auto insurance (factors: 23yo male driving a 2002 220+hp semi-exotic) by shifting to American Express. I think I'll do that. Kind of not such a great feeling as a shareholder, although a. I didn't buy the stock, b. whatever, it is just a minor amount of free float, c. Warren Buffet is still the man. I guess as a (small-potatoes, I'm sure) customer of Amex they have access to better heuristics which make me less of a risk. Or something.

Being done has been nice. Went shopping with bucy last night. Even went so far as IKEA, which I try to limit my exposure to to less than 1 experience/year, but that was mostly a success. The video game store failed to get my impulse $10 for a Midway/Atari Collection (including Asteroids and Tempest... I crave big-screen asteroids!) when it turned out they had misfiled the disc.

Then we went to X2. I noticed that between all the various reviews I've seen, there is one consistent statement -- and regardless of how I felt the movie was, I agree. The special effects (except for some of the jet modeling...) were perfect. They successfully achieved all of the visuals they were looking for, and integrated them in the seamless way that you knew what was effect only by what was not possible. And they had a Wolverine fight scene that was an amazing replica of the comic book form.

Also, I called Becky today. And had a very nice, if inherently ackward, conversation.

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