dMv (daemonv) wrote,


In addition to Mother's Day, it is ommkarja's birthday. The festivities started Friday after work.


"Hi dear, do you want to go to the Symphony tonight? Mozart festival?"

We ended up in the second row, center, of the most expensive section (Dress Circle) of Heinz Hall. For free.

After, we got bkirby and went to the Sharp Edge. After consuming some of her favorite excellent exotic beers, we finished at Fuel & Fuddle, for a Baked Brie dinner.


Shopping! Went and found The Mattress. Got stuff for Lovelace, and corvisdog's nails clipped. Then went to Church Brewworks for her birthday dinner with friends. That was followed with dessert at Soba Lounge, where she refined her love for 18-year scotch.


Brunch at Zenith Tea Room. Dinner plans are of a more mellow variation -- takeout Chinese, curled up on couch watching a Jackie Chan/Kung-fu movie. Because it is a school night, and because having a good time does not require hotspot crawling.

And at the now I'm at work, so I don't embarrass myself at GSK.

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