dMv (daemonv) wrote,


I've become a Wean Creature.

I was sitting in my office, and a bunch of children -- let's call them freshmen were starting to make noise out in the hall. From their various blathering, I heard that they were trying to call campus police, because they had reserved Wean 7500 but it had not been unlocked for them. In the interest of making them go away, I left my office. In a mutter to one of the outliers, I confirmed that they were trying to get into Wean 7500. And then beckoned him to follow me, walked up to the door removing a card from my wallet, and opened it for him. And then I shuffled off. To those who saw me, I'm sure I'm just one of those curiousities of the Wean Offices. Many are convinced the door was unlocked. Most of them didn't see me.

If this becomes a repeat performance, my transformation will be complete and I will never get to leave. Damn it.

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