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This morning it hit me how bored I was. That is not a good thing.

Boston was... fun... I guess. I awoke nice and early Saturday morning, and took flight. From the same gate, within 10 minutes of the flight time of my flight on Tuesday.

I had a really bad feeling about this trip, starting Friday night or Saturday morning. Physically sick about the trip, and I don't know why. But I do know that this is not my usual way of being... and that it could only bode badly for a trip like this. I had done, purposefully, almost no planning -- I expected serendipity. This is how I often travel; but this doesn't work when I expect things to go badly.

How little planning did I have? Going into the trip, this is the sum of facts (with this level of detail) I had going in:

  • Early flight Saturday -- 7:55am (PIT) - 10:30am (BOS)
  • CSW reunion on Saturday. The webpage said 12-9pm.
  • reticello was commencing from BU on Sunday.
  • Early flight Monday -- 8:40am (BOS) - 11:20am (PIT)

  • Note that I have not neglected to mention details as to where I would be sleeping. They were unresolved, in that I had not contacted
    anyone. I had considered renting a car, because my high school is some distance from the train station... and because I'm used to having a car in Boston. But with a $30/day bonus cost for being sub-25, I couldn't do it.

    So I flew in, arriving an hour or so late. No one to meet me, so no loss there.

    And I'll leave off there for now. I've been reading from a collection of american novels of the 1950's. They are excellent, emphasizing the cerebral as well as style and ambiance one associates with the genre, but place one in a really odd frame of mind.

    On to a different detour.

    Yesterday was a primary in my neighborhood. Several important positions were up for election, or at least, up to be shaken up. One of the key ones in my neighborhood was for School Board -- it pit an outsider with a strong grassroots movement against an incubent who also happens to be the School Board President.

    The outsider: teacher in the public schools, parent of two in the system. He won! Both as a Democrat and a Republican. That's pretty amazing.

    What struck me is that, although I'm only marginally in favor of democracy as practiced, I vote. Early and often. I spent time -- not enough, probably, but at least an hour -- and looked at the platforms and histories of the various people running. None of these were very glamourous posts -- do you know what a protonotary is? (it seems to be an Allegheny County thing).

    But I figure it is what I'm supposed to do. Because if I don't like what I hear about a ruling from the Court of Common Pleas... or some bonehead decision that the County Executive was in a position to make... at least I made a contribution. No, these are not big name posts, but frankly they are the ones that I'm most likely to encounter in the near future. I'd like to know, if in the event that I enter the legal system, that the judges I'll encounter are not there based on a platform or popularity that I don't care for or understand.

    And its easy to cop the attitude that it won't matter because I won't be involved, or that this isn't really my home, or that I'll be out of here soon enough. That is the power that we are yielding to the old folks -- who are settled, or the people with strong opinions (and in general, that tends not to be middle-of-the-road or liberal). It bothers me a bit that this doesn't bother the people who complain and/or register to vote.

    I've been engaging in drip-style investing, and applying the same to exercise. The good and the bad of doing so is that when you first start, the pain and excitement stay with you all week, reminding you of what you have done. The goal is to make arrangements such that once that goes away, it is easier to keep going than do something else. That's never really worked for me, independant of external requirements, but we'll see. It is certainly an odd time in the world, and my life, to do so, but has potentially great long-term benefits. We'll see.

    I just don't care about much at the moment. I had hoped that writing this entry, about things I think that are either disturbing or bother me would make me feel. In this, they have failed.

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