dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Glad I don't have to be at work by 7am

This weekend was pretty quiet. Thursday night, ommkarja cooked yummy stuff and we watched Meet the Parents. Friday night was lots of rain, with a bit of extra rain; our activity ended up being a very satisfying meal at Orient Kitchen -- a great place. It is real, mostly authentic Cantonese... as caucasians, we are always in the minority, and was introduced by repute as the place where Chinese restaurant staff go off-work. I will have to bring Yao Yao (Seth's native Chinese student) to verify.

Saturday was mostly frisbee. Our first game was longer than 2 hours, despite a final score of 10-7 (us! we won! a game!). This was partially caused, and aggrevated the situation of, having only 6 men and 3 women show up. See, in Summer League you field a line of 5 guys and 2 women. Typically there are more guys (there are 17 on our roster), and so you play a couple of points (2-3) and then take a break. Utterly exhausting to play the whole game... for both games (lost the second one, badly, 4-15).

Ended up going to Olive Garden for dinner. First time in a long time, and I was sad to learn that I was not missing a guilty pleasure. I was disappointed. Note the lack of glowing praise, please.

Today was gorgeous weather. Newspaper with bagels outside - yum. Tried to clean my Ecuadorian rug at laundramat... mostly failed. pericles42 had a grillthing which nicely occupied the entire afternoon and evening. Until we had to come home so ommkarja could get to bed early.

ommkarja has a presentation to the CEO of her employer (a man who last year made $602,316 salary with a $1.2M bonus). This morning. At 7 AM (apparently, he doesn't sleep). Fun. I feel confident that I will never have to give a presentation to seth at 7am, unless it is impromtu and as seen from the other side.

Maybe I should try updating more than once a week.

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