dMv (daemonv) wrote,

PlayFailure 2

So it looks like my Playstation2 may be becoming sad. That is, it failed to read one disc I had recently played; both of the last two video games I've played managed to load at least partially, and then froze. On a second read, I was able to watch slightly more than half of a DVD... and then it failed to read the disc. Grrrr. At least I was able to watch all of Sexy Beast yesterday -- that was good.

I heard the lasers were crappy. Apparently so, and I just wasn't using it enough.

It looks expensive to replace. And I'm frankly not sure it is worth it. Right now its primary function is as an S-Video DVD player... and for the price of replacing the laser, I could probably get a better DVD player. Or I could apply the cost toward completing my HTPC/linedoubler project -- right now I've got the computer (fought with it alot tonight over OSes) and lack only an appropriate graphics card, sound card, and cables (VGA-component, SPDIF). That would be a better looking DVD image.

Which would leave me without a game system, which is how I was before. I only occasionally get interested in games. ommkarja has expressed almost no interest; she's a PC gamer at heart. bucy is by far the largest user, but he now has a GameCube.

It also leaves me with a stack of video games (~14), and accessories, which I could probably liquidate for something. Any advice?
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