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June 25th, 2003

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03:23 am - PlayFailure 2
So it looks like my Playstation2 may be becoming sad. That is, it failed to read one disc I had recently played; both of the last two video games I've played managed to load at least partially, and then froze. On a second read, I was able to watch slightly more than half of a DVD... and then it failed to read the disc. Grrrr. At least I was able to watch all of Sexy Beast yesterday -- that was good.

I heard the lasers were crappy. Apparently so, and I just wasn't using it enough.

It looks expensive to replace. And I'm frankly not sure it is worth it. Right now its primary function is as an S-Video DVD player... and for the price of replacing the laser, I could probably get a better DVD player. Or I could apply the cost toward completing my HTPC/linedoubler project -- right now I've got the computer (fought with it alot tonight over OSes) and lack only an appropriate graphics card, sound card, and cables (VGA-component, SPDIF). That would be a better looking DVD image.

Which would leave me without a game system, which is how I was before. I only occasionally get interested in games. ommkarja has expressed almost no interest; she's a PC gamer at heart. bucy is by far the largest user, but he now has a GameCube.

It also leaves me with a stack of video games (~14), and accessories, which I could probably liquidate for something. Any advice?

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Date:June 25th, 2003 11:58 am (UTC)
From their FAQ:

How is LuckyPush.com different from other consumer electronics matrix sites?
Other matrix sites run afoul of state and federal laws by selling non-viable products that couldn't generate revenues and profits on their own. For example, competitve sites sell e-books or business informational CDs for $30-$250. However, these products have no or little value and can often be obtained for free elsewhere. Without the offer of the attached free gift (whether it be an xbox or plasma TV), consumers would not participate. Such is tantamount to charging consumers for a sweepstakes or contest, which of course, is illegal.

The LuckyPush.com advantage is that we offer consumers products with value, new release DVDs at a price point - $25 with free shipping - competitive with any retailer. So what would you rather have - an info CD/coaster or a brand new blockbuster DVD? (That's a rhetorical question; please don't e-mail us with the obvious response).

It is so telling about their target market that they can ask and answer such a question so blatantly. But tell people what they want to hear:

How are you able to stay in business if you offer such great consumer value?
LuckyPush.com is a throw back to those near profitless e-businesses of the late 90's that burned cash and sacrificed profits early in hopes to develop a large, loyal customer base. Whereas other matrix sites immediately make a killing by selling informational CDs or e-Books at 2500% above cost, we certainly dont expect to enjoy such profits. What we do expect though, is long-run profitability through the sheer volume of transactions that we anticipate.

...that's just horseshit. Anyone could make money with a matrix scheme selling DVDs for $25. It requires almost no initial investment, certainly not VC.

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