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Care Bears are back in stores

Weekend Rehash:

Friday, ommkarja reminds me, we went to a show at Club Cafe. It was fun.

Saturday, I had frisbee games. Lost the first, 10-12, and won the second, 15-9. Watched some of the other games. Then went home, played with the dog in the park, and went out for ice cream with ommkarja. She dropped me off in South Oakland, and I spent the remainder of the evening as a participant in a bachelor party. Run by CMU Betas and the like. Met some interesting characters. I'll leave the details off of this entry. If there is interest, I can write up a more private version with more details. I can reveal that the score of the Pirates game was 4-5 (loss to Rockies), and my team won the first (6-4) and lost the second (5-6) games of ghetto beer pong.

Sunday, I finally slept a bit (6 hrs, versus about 3 the previous two nights). Spent the morning in the park with the dog, and the afternoon monkeying with my car. Then maryneedssleep and toddl came to ommkarja's cooking. It was yummy, and good to see them. Unfortunately, the drive the Pittsburgh was unable to induce labor -- this week though, they believe!

Latest modification: the "sidemarkers" of the WRX are kind of pointless.

They are orange lights on the front corners, which turn on when the lights are in Park or On mode. That's it. Little orange blobs on the side. In every other country, the WRX has turn-signal blinkers on the side of the car (like most european cars... it is a requirement there, I believe). Unwilling to go through the cost and hassle of adding those, I just modified my sidemarkers so that they now blink. They still go on with the lights, but now they flash with the turn signal. And when on, they alternate with the turn signal. Simple little thing, but it was fun to do. I enjoy learning more about the car and breaking down the mythos of it. Also learned a bit more auto-electronics foo, like using scotchlock connectors etc.

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