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July 10th, 2003

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04:28 pm - I'm a little late
We won yesterday, 15-10. This is our third straight win, fourth overall. Last year, my team won two games during the regular season. We have two more games to go, with both teams having our record or worse.

Strife at home cancels the restive properties of a post-game sleep, so I woke to the doorbell gong. Doesn't happen very often, so Mr. UPS delivery man got to see me at my finest. He had a big package that he was going to be unwilling to just leave, so it was good I did not arrive early at work like I have so far in the week. I've been going to work early, and actually being productive -- integrating a new benchmark suite (of interesting apps) into our testing system.

New bugs -- good. But I almost faced, and still face, having to figure out why our hacked SimpleScalar profiler is causing the first 16 (of 311K) bytes of blowfish decryption to be different. Got around that with a cheat, but I fear I will not be so lucky in solving why the SHA hash result is not consistent between SimpleScalar and native execution. I really don't want to have to stepwise debug it.

And did I mention that, having set everything up for home theater, I made the following discoveries: the projector really really needs to be recalibrated, and that the DVD-ROM drive was 1.0X? 1X is not adequate for DVD playback, I really don't understand why they even bothered.

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