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...and more travel...

Our team is ranked 19/24 for the crossover schedule... which means we play against Tracy's team. We ended up tied, standing-wise, with Sock Monkey (who beat us on Saturday), so in a sense we are in the top of the Z pool. Woo.

After the season, and Agility I, ends, I'm now going on a brief vacation. Worked out the details with my dad this morning -- a long weekend (8-11 August) in New Orleans . We're staying in a new hotel on Bourbon St in the French Quarter, which should make for fun times. I've never been, and my mom is crazy about the city.

Otherwise, ommkarja moved the heart of her stuff (the cat) on Tuesday. An odd experience to going back to being time-accountable only to the dog. Took the dog to frisbee practice yesterday, on the notion that three hours outside was a reasonable exchange for a well-deserved romp. He didn't eat anyone on the team, was very friendly even, although he looked interested in several people walking by. Continue to watch Six Feet Under dvds, and finally finished American Beauty (the DVD that I was watching when the PS2 completely failed). The show is super excellent, the movie was overrated.

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