dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Surreal Weekend

For the past couple of weeks, my dad had been talking about coming out for this weekend. Pending an ESaver -- and actually, there was one. Except that the only flight was from BOS (Logan) at 6:30am on Saturday. Given that I'm going to see him in two weeks, it didn't make any sense. It turned out that I didn't lack for activity this weekend.

Around the middle of last week, I received a call from Pennsylvania Culinary inviting me to come in for a BBQ/demo, tour, and meeting with an admissions representative. I'll probably go into more context later when I discuss this morning, giving a history and motivations for why they would call. Anyway, it is a pretty excellent looking place. And apparently the admissions person liked me. I'll talk about this later... but yeah. I could go there, starting as early as September (but would probably hold off for a bit). Financially daunting, but it might be the right thing.

After I finished there, I dashed home to change and drive out to frisbee. We had the last two games of the crossover schedule. We won the first -- 11-7, although we dominated the whole game. We lost the second, 11-10, despite being up 9-7. This performance placed us second in our pool. This is cool. I had decided to host a party for my team before Finals, and so I had said it would be after our play-in game -- although had we come in third, it would not have worked (game time 8:30pm). So we have a game this Wednesday to determine if we play in the real Finals. After Saturday, the season, and this great team, will be gone.

After frisbee, I came home and ommkarja was there. She had come to look for something, and gotten sucked into the Internet (she has no access at home yet). We had a lovely dinner at Church, and then, because it was too late for a movie, went back and watched the next 3 episodes of "Six Feet Under". Excellent show.

The next morning, I pulled out all the stops. ommkarja woke up to me, back from a shopping excursion, putting the creme brulee into the oven. Over the Sunday NY Times: strawberries with cream, scrambled eggs, thick sliced bacon, and pan-fried potatoes constructed with my latest experimentations of cinamon & chipolte, sweet onions, and fresh thyme. After breakfast, we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo which ommkarja had never been to. While it is not the San Diego zoo, it is pretty respectable, and certainly has a nice collection of Big Cats (the most important part for her). After a couple of hours of Zoo, we finished off the paper at Tazza D'Oro. Paid a social visit to bucy, beat the rain and lightening home, and that was about it. I cleaned some, Sarah moved some stuff (after the rain ended). We decided the relationship was over.

Now I'm into forced cleaning mode, what with a party on Wednesday.

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