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We lost our play-in game, which we were apparently predicted to win. Oh well. As a classic example of our team, before the game in the huddle:

"OK, guys, this is a big game. We really need to win this. Err, well. This is as big a game as we get in Summer League. Which means it can't really be that big. Actually, its just a game. Let's just have fun. It doesn't really matter"

After the game most of the team came over to my place. I took the day off yesterday to clean and prepare... which mostly meant prepare, because hanging around my apartment was not a healthy thing. Because cleaning can lead to procrastination, as well as memories, and both lead to the self-reflection I'm trying to limit the dosage on.

What did I prepare?
Beer: two cases of the Victory Brewery sampler (Golden Monkey, HopDevil, and their IPA and Pils). I knew the crowd was filled with discerning beer drinkers, so I figured that was my best bet. People were pretty pleased -- and brought additional cases of stuff. Despite their best efforts, I now have plenty of beer in the nearterm.

Grilled: for the veggies... and to expose people to new stuff... Grilled Balsamic Peaches and Grilled Bananas. Long marinaded Flank Steak. Northwoods and Galena Street rubbed chicken bits. I was amazed at how little most of them ate before they were full. Only Jason Short and Tom Kane lived up to my notion of how Ultimate players can eat. Peoples' first reaction to grilled fruit is great, and I netted a couple of converts.

Other people brought and prepared Salad, Beer, Cake, and Ice. It seemed like everyone had a pretty good time. It has been a great team, and everyone just really got along well. At least many of the rookies I've spoken with have reservations about what in Ultimate they'll do next, because they are pretty sure they won't get as nice a team to continue to learn with.

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