dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Big Grill 2003

I call it the BarrowBeQue

Other angles:
  • Closer, see the vent holes.
  • Corner, observe the rounded ash-grill and leko's machined latch handiwork

  • I was asked to design and implement a large grill for the Summer League (Ultimate) Finals (Saturday). The request was based on stories of the previous grill construction project for 0xDEADBEEF (the Computer Club cookout), which I regret was not photodocumented. That grill, designed and built by leko and myself -- in under an hour, running amok in Home Depot and then Roboclub.

    This time around, we had more time and experience. As a bonus, we also didn't have to sacrifice everything for cost (although this ended up around $100) because (in theory, at least) CPU will pay for it. bucy, leko and I still ended up running amok in Home Depot. We ended up with a design that I believe is unique and practical.

    Hoping to test it today, because I probably won't stick around too long to see it in action, having a better barbeque to get to after Finals tomorrow. Thanks also to fws for help, and putting up with us. And if you think this is an unconventional use of materials in the pursuit of meat-cooking goodness, consider this.

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