dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Leaving San Diego

Our flight is nice and early. 6:30AM PST!

Recap of the past few activity "filled" days since the previous blurb:

I didn't note that Jeff's fiance was an acupuncturist. She revealed what she did, and upon my "Really?", got defensive. It was fun to find out about the CA acupuncture scene as well. I don't plan to go into it, but it sounds harder than most other states (more requirements). Especially if San Diego has a nice school -- people get "stuck" in Boston for NESA.

Naturally, on Monday we went to the Zoo and ran about. Saw just about everything but the Pandas. Lots of great things, and it is clearly a nice facility for the animals as well. More conservation than exploitation.

Tuesday we beached in Encinitas. Beach behavior is completely different in both CA and southern CA. On the East Coast, we generally think about... going in the water? But we have the Gulf Stream, not the "fuck its cold" Alaska Stream. And in southern California, where going to the beach is a yearround affair, it is very casual. I guess this may actually be true for East Coast shoreline people (North Shore MA, etc) as well.

The last day we packed in a bunch. Hit the pretty but small Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Great Institute, at least. Then we went to an exhibit, Instruments of Torture (excerpts from exhibited items, with story, news) at the Museum of Man. I guess it is pretty popular, as the news link suggested it was only to be there til Nov 2000. Can you guess this was not my idea? We detoxed from that by looking at pretty cars.

Then returned our rental car, got a hotel room for the night -- airport shuttle, but downtown -- had a nice Cajun dinner and witnessed the nightlife. And then fell asleep because 6:30AM PST is way too early to wake up during vacation.

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