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Tracy wanted to go to Kennywood, so I took the day off yesterday. I don't know how many times I've done that... and had no one notice. The day was excellent -- not too unpleasantly humidy, overcast without rain, etc. The park is a lot of fun, particularly since this was my second time there; I can imagine it gets old quick, although Tracy has been going forever and still loves it. Decent rides, not very bad lines. And great company. We ended up exhausted early -- she had never previously left before dark, but we did.

After I dropped her off, I had the kind of overall glow that, when facing an evening alone at home, cries out for takeout chinese and a rental comedy. Both of which I had just finished acquiring when gustaf called. This whole weekend has been incredible amounts of work for Botrics -- I spent about 10 hours helping Sunday, as did fws and leko. The boys at Botrics, along with bucy and leko, had been up most of Monday-Tuesday, because of a demo Tuesday morning. bucy reports bed at 9am. gustaf had, after giving a very impressive demo, gone to bed at 3pm. At 10, therefore, he was up again and ready for some kind of distraction. Happy Gilmore it was.

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