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Had a good time in New Orleans. It is quite a place, and a recommended destination for most people. I may write up more of the feeling I got from the place, later. For now, the basics:
  • Food was impressive. It is a culture that loves food, and that makes me happy. Took at cooking lesson with my mom -- great fun. I'll have to try to practice the stuff we learned; it was all pretty easy once you've seen it done, and yummy. Beignets are better than I expected, and I've got some mix to experiment with.
  • Booze... Under the watch of vermonster, I consumed more alcohol, probably, than collectively over the past two years. Which isn't all that impressive, but I was amused. And despite being the lowest of the tourist months, Bourbon St was still fun to observe.
  • Weather is probably the main reason it is the lowest of the tourist months, because Lousiana in summer is warm. Not quite Texas hot, I'll grant... but I don't think it dropped below 90/90 the whole time we were there. Ick. The swamp tour was lush, as a benefit, with lots of purdy alligators.

  • corvisdog was happy to see me when I got back. That's always nice. The last two nights have been celebration of denorae's "legal to drink" birthday. That's about all I have to say about that.

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