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The timestamp is not wrong. After this entry I'll go to bed.

Why am I up this late? I've been working on a deathmarch demo at work this week, and was supposed to keep doing so through this weekend. In exchange for getting extra time and work -- to verify the deadness of the project -- from the hardware principle, I offered her a ride to the airport. That's right, the hardware person was planning on leaving early, to go out of range, before the hardware was verified. Ugh. She's resigned from the group, I guess. Anyway, her flight is at 6am, but because of PAT scalebacks, she would have had to take a 28X at 10pm (and hung out there), and as of 4pm nothing worked and she had not packed. Anyway, it is over now, I believe. Spent the evening with bucy, fws, gustaf with Don Pablo's, video games, and Rumble in the Bronx (with gustaf... DVD acquired for $5.88!)

I have been selected as a Captain for Fall League. This should be interesting. More after the team selection on Wednesday. May have to delay corvisdog's Beginners II class by a semester; maybe I'll devote those resources to getting him CGC'd at Misty Pines or Animal Friends. He's pretty close.

Speaking of corvisdog, I think I've finally worked out a reasonable running compromise. I've been building up my running -- distance, speed. Some of it is outdoors, and I had hoped to have him as my faithful running companion. That hasn't panned out yet -- he runs well for a bit, and then actively tries to thwart me. So today, in the heat, I walked him over to the Highland Park Reservoir (with 0.9 mile loop track), tied him to a bench, and did my running. He got his walk, outdoor time, and I stayed within the law (no dogs on the track). Cool. Tomorrow (today) I am going to install the heavy bag I bought a couple of weeks ago. I will.

Regarding PS2 games -- I think I've got them sorted out, and will mail them out tomorrow as well. Or, rather, I'll mail tunison's. Everyone else is an approximation of "local", and since I'm lonely and bored, you'll have to make arrangements to pick them up :7

I think that's all I wanted to discuss. Oh, this too, for everyone who knows but doesn't read leko's journal. And this comic made my day (having realized that intelligence really is one of the most attractive properties I evaluate for, in response to the meatmarket Burbon St).
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