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Found my digital camera yesterday. Yay! I had given up on it; instead, it was in a bag of electronics junk that had been in baddfaerie's possession the last year or so. Heh.

Had the Fall League team-draw yesterday. It was an interesting experience, but we ended up with a good team... at least with the women. I don't know most of the men, but I am friends with 3/5 of the women. Including fws, who agreed to co-captain this team. (At least we'll have some talent from the captains). Everyone was shocked to discover she was willing to captain. There may be some shuffling of rosters to make the league more balanced, but I think we did well.

Went and had a free chiropractic exam. I went because it was free, and because it would make my mother happy, and because I have been concerned with my posture and spine-health; particularly considering the fall this winter. After an extensive review, it looks like I'm actually in very good condition. Slightly off in the neck, as anticipated, and slightly in the shoulderblades. A quick adjustment actually resulted in restoring more range of motion in the one restricted bit in my neck. And an interesting experience, to boot.

And I've been having an interesting experience trying to get into some classes at GSIA.

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