dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Small subsets of Success

Got almost nothing done today, having put off going to the gym (but being dressed for it). So I went. Weird. Apparently some of the training stuff I have been reading lately is pretty good, because I recognized pretty dramatic (~40%) strength gains over my last workout. Or maybe I was just bolder. I maxed out one of the machines. That was unexpected. Better motivated now to get some work done.

Got into a class at GSIA that I wanted (one more still pending). Only took communicating with 5 different people, but whatever. The business school seems set up to be fairly hostile to non-b-school persons taking classes, which may continue to be a problem depending on how much I like the classes. Because I'm not really interested in taking intro-level undergraduate business classes.

The freshmen showed up on Tuesday, from which I've benefitted food-wise. It was amazing how quickly the free-food stealing skills came back to me. The first time, it felt justified -- they had scared off the Tech St Trucks, and I could have signed up to be a staff-person-to-interact-with-frosh-and-family.

reticello is rocking the Rockies on a Ridiculous Retro Restored train.

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