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bucy bought Soul Caliber II, a title that he, I and gustaf have been waiting for, on Thursday. Logged quite a number of hours on it, so far. Including 6 last night, in weapon master mode, gustaf and I trading off. It is lots of fun.

But that 6 hour marathon was only the end (ending at 5:30am) of a gluttonous 12 hours. Based on prior arrangement, I showed up at the Roboclub around 5:30pm, and catwood, bucy, gustaf and myself headed down to South Park for Meat. And pig was consumed. Lots of it. Because chris had already eaten two meals for the day, we were stopped at having half-racks from only 9 of the 12 vendors on site. Which we followed with ice cream and deep fried oreos. Food Coma -- and struggles for dominance in our arterties -- only begins to describe it. Of course that needed to be followed up with hours on a couch playing video games.

I have homework due tomorrow. And friday. We may or may not have our games tonight, because it is raining. I haven't done the laundry, nor set up and straightened up the guest room for my sister and father, travelling through town on Thursday. I don't really know how to care for this cat, either. But we're mostly getting along, with the acception of my allergies flaring up spending time in the guest room. The cat has gone pan-dimensional at the moment. I should step away from the computer, do something productive, and then finish my homework. Can you tell the procrastination level from the length of these posts?

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