dMv (daemonv) wrote,

What D? L33t D!

I have two midterms this week (thursday, friday). And two problem sets due (tomorrow, wednesday). However, the intimidation about the mba students is wearing off -- there are some exceptionals, but there are also the marginal sneak-by types, and even this basic math scares some of them. I think I can continue to work JIT and still do well. Damn.

After my second midterm is the annual SCS Login Ball. I had RSVP'd to it a while ago. Last year I had a blast taking a dressed-to-the-nines bad_faerie (who almost broke an RI student as a consequence). This year, I get the honor of taking Tracy. Neat!

Our fall league name went through -- with a special something thrown in. I'm debating designing a team shirt, I'll post image samples if I work 'em out. Also Ultimate related, Zodiac plans are in place... Let's see how wild a weekend in Rochester can be.

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