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Yeah, a third post today from me. I have a great dog. He's so good to me when I'm sick.

Got my problem set done on time, considering starting the next one, doing work, running errands, or just taking some more bendryl and calling it an afternoon. Bendryl does not make probability homework easier, and I can't imagine it is much help with accounting neither.

The odd thing of being sick right now is a lack of desire to shut down. Staying out of the office to for the benefit of my coworkers. If it wasn't so overly cold, I'd probably go for a run or something. Something to keep my sore muscles from stiffening more. Alternatively, if I do believe that rest is the best cure, I'd like to go pick up Quicksilver and read that, but I know that would be a bad idea. I'm saving that for Wednesday, after my problem sets are all gone. And my next game.

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