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temporal pointer

15-3 was the score of our game last night. We won. Or rather, the other team lost. Badly. It was cold, with wind and some occasional rain. Corvis watched from the sidelines (occassionally, when he wasn't mauling my stuff or members of the opposing team).

Now that I'm not so sick, and likely less contagious, I can think again toward public viewings. In particular, NetFlix has delivered unto me Free Enterprise. I saw this movie on Cable, in San Cabo... and it was amazing. I think. As a geek reference film, as a monument of Shatner, whatever, and it had slipped under the radar. I plan to have a showing of it sometime soon, because I can think of several people in the area who would, maybe not benefit from... appreciate. I guess I should wait til gustaf returns, he'd appreciate it. Might have to steal a lecture hall for this (or just buy it and lend it out).

A useful feature of livejournal -- I was just presented with the requirement of marking my days of Paid Time Off that I've taken in the past year (Don't Laugh!). I have a very dim memory, but LJ doesn't! However, walking through the blog gave an odd sense of time dilation... I don't know where August and September went. It has been a while, but two months since then? I suppose so.

My phone informs me that since May I've lost another 48 hours and 9 minutes (27113 minutes total) in worship to the cell phone gods. Since late June I have a better perspective on NFLX (whose numbers continue to kick ass... 13% subscriber growth since last quarter, 1.29Million) and don't fear the patent. I should do another writeup on them, reviewing what I do know.

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