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6 March 1980
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I guess these are useful for context.

Born and raised in Jamaica Plain, which is now a fashionable section of the City of Boston, MA. Online by 1993, Linux user by 1994. Founded Transient Systems in 1996. Off to college at CMU, where I earned a BS in Chemistry with minors in Computer Science and Ethics. I was promptly hired by my professor of Compilers and Electronic Nanotechnology into his research group. I futzed with Itanium compilers, reconfigurable circuit generators, and nanocomputing foo. I wandered off to optimize the railroads. Next stop, Transportation at Amazon.com.

I am owned by a great dog (corvisdog), drive a Subaru Impreza WRX, and own a duplex in Point Breeze, a section of the City of Pittsburgh, PA. I was the writer for the trustedmech comic. In December 2003 I took an adventure to Kyiv and Moscow (who rationally visits Moscow in December?), in which I helped ship a champion Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) to the US (documented in importborzoi). I took an interesting trip every 3-4 months until April 2006, when I had major surgery and got engaged on the same day. Two weeks later, I changed jobs. By the end of the year, I purchased and started renovating a duplex and got married (details about both are at HellerVogel.com).

I don't travel as far these days, so I've started competing in triathlons. I am a member of the Pittsburgh Ultimate community (My Player Profile). I was the principle commissioner of the Fall and Foul Weather recreational leagues; I have also captained Summer league teams for a couple of years. I am more endurance oriented than quick, more strategic than talented, and a better captain than player.

For a stream of URL links with commentary, I have a Memestreams account. Consider reading the RSS syndication at dmvmemes. It was a good way to track what I was researching personally or for my radio show; for several years, I was the co-host of a WRCT (88.3FM Pittsburgh, internet streamed) show, Total Information Awareness. Now I use it to hold links.

Tracking other memes, I have 43 Things page that I don't update and a Flickr (dmvflickr) account. I use my Twitter blog to keep quick notes and to update Facebook.